Mission & Goals

  • One. Introduction
a. Background
According to Internet Data Center forecasts, the big data technology and service market in Asia will grow rapidly from US$77.6 million in 2011 to US$616 million in 2016; and experts in developing countries predict that the demand for talent in the Asian big data market The amount is at least 1 million, of which statistical talents and technology are stretched. The knowledge structure of traditional data collection and analysis technology can no longer meet the requirements of "data scientists" in the era of big data. Most companies face the shortage of big data-related talents when they face the development of big data. This will become one of the factors affecting the development of the big data market Key factor.
The School of Management of Taipei Medical University is aimed at combining big data data analysis with related industry integration research, and introducing relevant technology and integrated big data data analysis thinking. Combining the resources of the School of Management, actively promote the analysis of big data data and related academic research, industrial exchanges and talent training.
b. Introduction
This center was established by the School of Management of Taipei Medical University in 2015. It provides industry-academia cooperation in the collection, storage, analysis, software application, and solutions of big data. Through the establishment of this research center, it combines cross-disciplinary research human resources. Improve R&D energy. Director Professor Xie Bangchang, Ph.D. in Biostatistics, National Taiwan University, is good at big data analysis, sampling survey, biostatistics, prediction model and data mining. He is currently deputy dean of School of Management, Taipei Medical University and professor in the Department of Medical Management.

c. Logo meaning
The cross represents Taipei Medical University, and the 10 circles and bar graphs around it represent the application of big data, symbolizing our application of big data to medicine, combining big data with practical applications, and cultivating perfect talents to contribute to society.
  •  Purpose of establishment
In order to promote the research of big data analysis, promote the professional training of big data data analysis, enhance the cross-disciplinary integrated talent training of big data data analysis and relevant international and cross-strait academic industry exchanges. Through the establishment of this research center, it will be possible to combine cross-disciplinary research human resources, enhance research energy and integrate relevant resources of industry, government and academia.
  • Central tasks/functions
    • Became a big data research center based in Asia, and established research platforms with China, Southeast Asia and Northeast Asia in Taiwan.
    • Promote big data related research.
    • Expand the establishment of cross-strait and international big data academic exchanges and related platforms.
    • Promote professional training for big data.
    • Enhance cross-disciplinary integration of talent training, certification and certification issuance of big data.
    • Planning to promote the big data credit course.
    • Promote other matters related to big data research.